Hyperledger Composer Installation process

Hyperledger Composer Installation process listed below for reference.

Below process taken directly from Hyperledger Composer Documentation. This is specifically for creating a development environment and rather using a Playground online or local. The only difference here is that, I have given screenshots about each step.

Step 1: Pre-requisites check

Step 2: Installing Hyperledger Composer development tools

Step 3: Optional tools

Step 4: Starting Hyperledger Fabric


Hyperledger Composer Installation steps,

Step 1: Pre-requisites check (this one is mandatory and important before installation)

1.1 To run Hyperledger Composer and Hyperledger Fabric, we recommend you have at least 4Gb of memory.

The following are prerequisites for installing the required development tools:

  • Operating Systems: Ubuntu Linux 14.04 / 16.04 LTS (both 64-bit), or Mac OS 10.12
  • Docker Engine: Version 17.03 or higher
  • Docker-Compose: Version 1.8 or higher
  • Node: 8.9 or higher (note version 9 is not supported)
  • npm: v5.x
  • git: 2.9.x or higher
  • Python: 2.7.x
  • A code editor of your choice, we recommend VSCode.

If installing Hyperledger Composer using Linux, be aware of the following advice:

  • Login as a normal user, rather than root.
  • Do not su to root.
  • When installing prerequisites, use curl, then unzip using sudo.
  • Run prereqs-ubuntu.sh as a normal user. It may prompt for root password as some of it’s actions are required to be run as root.
  • Do not use npm with sudo or su to root to use it.
  • Avoid installing node globally as root.**

1.2 Download the sh file as mentioned below

curl -O https://hyperledger.github.io/composer/prereqs-ubuntu.sh

chmod u+x prereqs-ubuntu.sh

Hyperledger Composer Installation


Hyperledger Composer Installation

This step takes sometime as OS updates go through along with installation of nodejs, npm & docker. Below screenshots      for reference for entire installation of this script.

Hyperledger Composer Installation

Hyperledger Composer Installation

Hyperledger Composer Installation

Hyperledger Composer Installation

Upon completion, please logout of the session and then move to Step 2. A new terminal session should be opened here.


Step 2: Installing Hyperledger Composer development tools

Follow below process to install Hyperledger Composer development tools. Below packages need to be installed using          non root user. Cross check node and npm version before proceeding further.

2.1 composer-cli

The composer-cli contains all the command line operations for developing business networks.

command: npm install -g composer-cli

2.2 generator-hyperledger-composer

The generator-hyperledger-composer is a Yeoman plugin that creates bespoke applications for your business network.

command: npm install -g generator-hyperledger-composer

2.3 composer-rest-server

The composer-rest-server uses the Hyperledger Composer LoopBack Connector to connect to a business network, extract the models and then present a page containing the REST APIs that have been generated for the model.

command: npm install -g composer-rest-server

2.4 Yeoman

Yeoman is a tool for generating applications. When combined with the generator-hyperledger-composer component, it can interpret business networks and generate applications based on them.

command: npm install -g yo


Step 3: Optional tools

3.1 Install the Hyperledger Composer VSCode plugin from the VSCode marketplace.

3.2 If you want to run the connect to a business network using the Playground locally, install the composer-playground using the following command.

command: npm install -g composer-playground

3.3 To run the playground locally run the following command

command: composer-playground

Playground should open automatically at the following address: http://localhost:8080/login

This completes Composer installation process.


Step 4: Starting Hyperledger Fabric

Create any new directory under specific directory that you are working on. As mentioned in the site, we will use the same directory, fabric-tools folder here.

mkdir fabric-tools

cd fabric-tools

curl -O https://raw.githubusercontent.com/hyperledger/composer-tools/master/packages/fabric-dev-servers/fabric-dev-servers.zip

Hyperledger Composer Installation process

 unzip fabric-dev-servers.zip  

Hyperledger Composer Installation process

If this is the first time, you’ll need to download the fabric runtime first. If you have already downloaded it, then start the fabric environment, and create a Hyperledger Composer profile. After that you can then choose to stop the fabric, and start it again later.

cd fabric-tools


Hyperledger Composer Installation process

list the docker images that were downloaded in above step.

Hyperledger Composer Installation process


Hyperledger Composer Installation process


Hyperledger Composer Installation process

Then at the end of your development session we can execute below commands,





This completes setting up Hyperledger Composer development environment in our local system. Refer to this blog entry that contains details about Hyperledger project.